St Andrew’s Ball



St. Andrew's Ball Saturday November 24th 2018

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Well, we are all aware what this year has been like with the Pandemic.  We have all been adhering to the guidelines (not mixing etc.) and Caledonian events have been unable to take place.  So the troops were roused and, following an emergency committee meeting or two, a St Andrew’s Night via Zoom was to be put together.  It could not be like a normal St. Andrew’s night we hold each year, but it was to be as near as could be.  


A programme was put together and invites were sent round to members inviting them to participate in this unusual St. Andrew’s night via Zoom.  


So Sunday 29th November 2020 was set as the day.  The previous afternoon there had been a run through and the committee was looking forward to it with a bit of trepidation.  


The evening commenced at 7 p.m. with a welcome by Dr. Norman Macaskill during which he informed us, if we wanted to go for a comfort break we could and no one would know where we had gone. The Grace given by Mrs. Sheila Dunstan in her usual inimitable style.  The haggis addressed by the one and only Mr. Richard Souter.  There were songs from Mr. Ian McMaster, Mr. Willie Coupar and Dr. Sue North-Bates.  A quiz, which had us all scratching our heads and nobody getting full marks, devised by Mr. Alex Ritchie.  


Words of Wisdom from Mr. Richard Souter.  Scottish Country Dancing courtesy of the RSCDS and Neil Scott.


Mrs. Sue Cameron was on hand to discuss the problems with her teeth and what an eye opener that proved to be!!!  


The evening came to its climax with a bit of community singing, although due to the limitations of Zoom it was not possible to hear everyone, just the leader, Mr. Willy Coupar.  So if members did sing their hearts out, we were unaware.  


And finally a Vote of Thanks and Auld Lang Syne.


The evening was well attended and despite a few small glitches, which, hey!!, this was the first time we had tried using Zoom and so it was to be expected, but lessons have been learned and we are ready for the next event.  


The evening was brought together by the energy and enthusiasm of Dr. Ann Macaskill ably assisted by her husband who, on the night,  just did what he was told.


Reviews from the members who attended have been very encouraging, saying how much they had enjoyed it and it was nice to see members again, albeit not in the flesh, so to speak.


There is talk that the next foray with Zoom will be Hogmanay.  You will have to wait and see.  


Neil Scott