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The Sheffield


June 13th 2018

Doon the Watter ?

Treasure Hunt 8th July 2018

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At lunch time on Thursday 30th August in Holy Trinity Church Hall we were treated to a most enjoyable buffet lunch accompanied with a complimentary glass or two which set us up nicely for the main event of the day.


Our speaker Bruce Keith, who had made his way up from Peterborough, held us enthralled with his personal journey through history celebrating Scotland’s bridge building heritage.


In addition to the principal bridges spanning the major firths, rivers and ravines and the outstanding engineers such as Thomas Telford and the family dynasties of the Rennies, Mylnes and Adams, he also commented on the contribution innovation has played in bridge engineering and focussed on the Scots whose endeavours helped create structures of both function and beauty.


The presentation was supported by some wonderful photography courtesy of Lewis Matheson of Historic Environment Scotland.


Judging by the reaction from the audience most of us could relate to and associate with many of the structures on view which brought back fond memories of our native land.


The President thanked Bruce for his interesting and enlightening presentation and made the point that when we cross over bridges in future we shall give more thought to the design and the structure  holding us up.


Ian McMaster

BS 1 BS2

Tour of Wentworth Woodhouse


On Thursday20th September 2018 thirty one members and guests enjoyed an interesting and memorable afternoon seeing round one of the “Jewels in the Crown” in our area.

The property is now owned by Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust who have embarked on a major project to restore the house to its former glory,


We were fortunate to have opted for the bespoke tour which enabled us to draw the comparison between the two architectural styles of the house the Baroque and Palladian.

Considering the years of relative neglect, many of the rooms were in amazingly good order.


The Long Gallery in the private west wing would stand favourable comparison with any stately home in this country and beyond.


The Marble Saloon all of 60 feet square and 40 feet high is surrounded by a Gallery supported by 18 Ionic fluted pillars in scagliola. The Saloon is already being used for functions and as time goes on and further improvements are made this facility will clearly be much sought after.


Bob, our tour guide for the day who had been with the Fitzwilliam family for some 47 years had an affection for he place which was clearly obvious in his enthusiastic description of all the rooms and apartments. His knowledge, wit and anecdotal comments made this a day to remember and he was appropriately accorded a very warm vote of thanks by President Arlene.


On completion of the tour we retired to the coffee shop for a most welcome cuppa before braving the elements outside to retrieve our carriages.


Ian McMaster

Hogmanay 2018

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At The Mayor's Parlour

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