Members of Council and Officers

The following were approved and appointed by the AGM to hold office for the year May 2019 to May 2020


Senior Vice President        Vacant

Junior Vice President         Vacant

Hon. Secretary                 Mr Ian McMaster

Hon. Treasurer                 Mr Willy Coupar

Membership Secretary      Mr Neil Scott

Magazine Editor                Mr Chris Beardsell

Independent Examiner      Mr Alex Kerr


Council Members      

Mrs Sheila Dunstan      

Prof Ann Macaskill

Mrs Arlene McMaster  (Past President 1st year)

Mrs Anne Mould

Mr Bert Redhead


Group Conveners (ex officio members of Council)

Theatre Group                  Mrs Helen Donlon

Arts Group                       Mrs Julia McNamara

Dance Class                     Mrs Elizabeth Rankin

Bridge Group                    Dr Mary Hart & Mrs Elizabeth Rankin

Functions                         Mr Robin Lockwood



Mr Ross McMaster

Mr Alex Ritchie

Mrs May Docherty

Dr Sheila Cooke