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Saturday 6th May 2017 was the day the Carousel came to town.  After weeks of practice including tantrems and near tears, the Demo team took to the floor watched by a couple of hundred pairs of eyes.  Following last year's successful solo, the team had set their sights higher and we didn't disappoint.  

The performance was of a dance called "The Galloping Carousel" but with a twist.   Hugh and Joyce Porteous had written an extra section and re-named it "the Galloping Carousel Medley".  What delights were the audience in for ?  Soon all was revealed to them.   Starting with a Strathspey, moving into Jig time and ending with a circle of cheer.   Wow !!!

At the end of the dance we all agreed that we had topped last year's performance, so next year the world is our oyster !!


Neil Scott






Saturday 18th March 2017 is a date in our diaries that is hard to forget, for it was the Annual Dance Class Ball, held at Hallam Community Centre, Sheffield.   This year the band was Neil Barron and he took us from Glasgow (Goodhearted Glasgow), to The Falls of Rogie, to EH3 7AF (the address of the RSCDS in Edinburgh), to Antartica Bound, The Australian Ladies did not disappoint either and a French young lady, by the name of Mathilde, who was a delight (Mathilda is a delight) and we all finished up at Mairi's Wedding.   These were just a few of the dances of the evening.


I know I said it last year and I will say it again , put next year's Ball in your diaries now.   I know you may not have your 2018 diaries, but put a Post-It note on the fridge front, Saturday 17th March 2018.  It is an evening of pure enjoyment, come and meet up with friends old and new and you do not have to be an expert dancer.


Neil Scott